It is a fact, with the popularity of HMI s for industrial indication of process variables & the continuing reduction in price of these products the market share for the traditional digital panel meter has decreased. Despite this, since more manufacturers are choosing to accurately indicate their processes with some type of digital display, their demand is still growing & there are certain applications where the digital panel meter or programmable meter will always be the best solution.

Why? Well there is no specialist software programming involved, no software licences to be purchased, and ideal if there is limited panel space, no complex engineering for tasks such as custom linearization’s & maths functions, easy recalibration and is cost effective for small quantities.

Most high quality designed digital panel meters are designed in a modular format so options of alarm relays, analogue 4-20 mA or 0-10V retransmission or ModBUS RTU serial communications can be retrofitted via a plug in card. This is great for the user or distributor since one base model number is held for stock or spares. Ucontrol in Australia are distributors of the STR550 digital panel meter. A different approach to the design has been taken with this programmable meter, all the various options of analogue 4-20 mA or 0-10V retransmission, ModBUS RTU serial communications, relay alarm outputs & digital input have been built in as standard & are switched off in default mode. Mass producing one model number keeps the price of those options to a minimum. Other software options popular in higher level digital panel meters such as user linearization for horizontal cylindrical tanks, square root extraction etc has been included & can also be enabled if required.
There are plenty of other standout features of this pioneering digital panel meter. It can display your process as a numeric & bargraph, a numeric only format in horizontal or vertical orientation. Then can be programmed to display up to 7 different backlight display colours, based on different process thresholds, being a backlit LCD design, the display is can be viewed in well lit enviroments. Technically the specification of the STR550 digital panel meter is as impressive as its innovative features. The PSU is a wide ranging is 24 – 230V AC/DC and there is 12 VDC transmitter power for powering 2 wire sensors with a 4-20mA output. There are 19 programmable sensor types including thermocouple, type K, J, N, R, S, T, RTD sensors PT100, PT1000, current 4-20 mA or voltage 0-10V, resistance, NTC & PTC thermistors millivolts etc. The bezel is a standard format 96 x 48 mm 1/8 DIN. For full specification of this pioneering digital panel meter and more information on our other types of programmable meter including loop powered panel meters please visit at Ucontrol.


Watch Satellite Live Football Tv

Posted December 19, 2014 By admin

playerchannelsMany people are hearing things and starting to ask one very common question. Is it possible to watch satellite live football on a computer? The answer is yes, and within this piece we are going to explain how easy it is.

You might be wondering how such a thing could be accomplished by somebody who is not a computer scientist. The answer is through the use of satellite TV software applications. They allow the user to view, not just football, but any kind of programming that is being received through satellite technology the entire world over.

Some fans of football, as well as other sports, buy a traditional style satellite based setup and are very disappointed to learn that they still do not have access to anything other than local games. This type of software lets you watch any sport from any country, as long as a satellite is broadcasting it somewhere.

Some people realize that this option is really cost effective because they do not have to buy the two very costly pieces of equipment that are required for a person to view satellite television on a television. They do not have to worry about the purchase of a dish or even the purchase of a receiver box.

There are clever people out there that use this type of software as a way to record the programming that they wish to view onto the hard drive of their PC. This allows them to burn it to a disc or archive in a number of other ways so that they can view it later. TIVO cannot simply compare to this type of option.

We hope that you now have a better idea about how you can hit up the world wide web and use satellite TV software to watch satellite live football on your computer because software is plentiful and easy to find. You just have to look. I personally use a satellite TV on PC software that allows me to watch more than 3,000 international television channels online, and you can find out more about it at my website link below.


Ride Along With During A Dish Network Installation Amidst A Pay-TV Merger SpeculationSatellite TV service is going hi-tech. High Definition Television or HDTV is the new mode of entertainment today. What is HDTV in the first place?

Satellite TV equipment is basically only three: a satellite dish, a receiver box, and a remote control. The external dish is mounted on the roof or any place out of doors of your home. The receiver box is connected to the TV set and finally, the remote control allows the user to select a channel. Sometimes mounting the external dish may take longer depending on circumstances such as wind and rain, hard to drill walls, and reception strength. It is possible to see dishes on top of trees or poles.

Why do I need to read all these technical jargon? Why can’t I just keep my 10-year-old TV? Why do I need to know about HDTV? There’s only one reason: analog TV will be phased out in time to come and so you need to keep up.

Broadcasters have lamented the shortcomings of analog TV for some time when digital TV or DTV was first introduced. DTV offered better sound quality, video, and frame-by-frame picture instead of lines of pixels on cathode ray tube (CRT) TV sets. It is possible to convert digital signals to analog TV signals by using a set-top digital converter. It means the analog TV sets can still be used when broadcasters switch over to HDTV broadcasting.
With further advancement in technology, there is now the option for High Definition Television or HDTV. This means the programs are broadcast in higher resolution than the normal traditional television signals. These images look 3D, so real and lifelike. This offers more enjoyment to users and is the new trend in entertainment. Subscription is comparably higher than standard satellite TV. But standard satellite TV dishes and receivers cannot be used for HDTV. A new set of equipment is needed.

For HDTV, there are four things required; an HDTV-ready television set, an HDTV-compatible satellite dish, receiver, and remote, an HDTV broadcast and an HDTV subscription from a satellite HDTV service provider.

The HDTV-ready television set comes in two models: an integrated HDTV with built in receiver and an HDTV-ready only monitor. It is possible to view analog and digital TV with either sets. Find out from the manufacturer before you purchase. Needless to say, the integrated HDTV model is more costly. And HDTV can only come to your home from an HDTV station broadcasting HDTV signals.

Satellite TV service has come a long way. It is affordable now and they offer competitive pricing. It’s a good time to source for a reputable service provider and go for compatibility if you have a young family.


db07908c0b8bf7c3771f74eb209151f0IPhone cases & covers are one of the most indispensible iPhone accessories when getting an iPhone. On other hand, iPhone cases covers are one of the most welcome iPhone accessories according to market respond. iPhone cases covers decorate iPhone in a perfect meanwhile it protects iPhone from anti-scratch and dropping down. You can decorate your iPhone different from others via iPhone cases & covers. Moreover, iPhone cases& covers can be made of in different materials, depending on which material you prefer. There are lists of iPhone cases & covers in market, for example, silicone iPhone cases seem a quite positive respond. There are various iPhone cases& cases in market, such as Jewelry iPhone cases & covers, Bamboo iPhone cases & covers, plastic iPhone cases& covers, metal iPhone cases & covers, silicone. Most iPhone users are fond of owning iPhone cases covers up to their using experience.

Image that without any protection, how distressed we are if we drop down our iPhone? Image that without any protection from iPhone cases, how regret we will be if our iPhone get any scratch. You may say that iPhone is hard enough from any scratch, but what about sharp stone corner? It is better to own iPhone cases in hand before it happens. Of course, iPhone cases are in different prices with high and low cost, some of which cost you leg and arm compared to others. However, some are practical and economical. For example, Wimar technology ltd launch one series iPhone cases; covers in an acceptable price and good quality. Wimar iPhone cases; covers cater for most iPhone fans tastes with variety of different carton images, secular pictures, abstract photos…. On other hand, Wimar iPhone cases covers show your personality and own character, identifying your own thoughts and ideas through popular Wimar iPhone cases covers.

Have you ever met iPhone cases covers along with built-in battery? Of course, Wimar technology ltd launch this kind of iPhone cases for a long time ago. With lithium polymer battery built-in, Wimar iPhone battery cases provide emergency power to iPhone. One point, lithium polymer is safe and far away from explosion. With IML (in mould label) treatment on surface, a same process as iPhone, Wimar iPhone battery cases look smoother and brighter. Wimar iPhone battery cases provide one full time charging to iPhone, juice power anytime and anywhere. Wimar iPhone battery cases get high reputation all around overseas market, especially European market and USA market. What’s more, Wimar iPhone battery cases provide a Micro USB cable to charge itself. Packed in a gift box or blister box, Wimar iPhone cases are very clear about to know just from the packaging. It is easy to operate and easy to handle. Wimar iPhone cases are the most useful and practical cases you would have ever met.

Hereby, Wimar Technology will launch iPhone 5 cases & covers in next month in order to keep up with this society and satisfy with Wimar good cooperated clients. Then, if you have any interesting to be Wimar iPhone cases covers distributors, please catch this opportunity and pick up your phone to contact Wimar Technology Ltd. BTW, Wimar headquarter located at HK, a place full of trading, you can freely to speak English to contact with them without any problems. Of course, Wimar iPhone cases covers will be another big storm in market without any doubts. Wimar iPhone cases covers are the best!


In recent years, mobile has become an important tool for organizations large and small. They don’t have to build everything from scratch; third-party mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) platforms simplify the integration and IT management around mobile infrastructure and data security enforcement. For example, KidoZen’s platform for enterprise mobile apps integrates backend services, line-of-business systems and databases. Critical backend infrastructure services, such as authentication, messaging, logging, and storage are being automated. Security is enforced at the data source level, and cloud management eliminates the need to expand the organization’s data center. The company launched the industry’s first mBaaS in 2013 and has clients in more than 50 countries. Among them are some of the world’s largest organizations, such as Pfizer, Microsoft, and Toyota.

This platform will give you various benefits. An enterprise mobile app platform service provider usually will offer you with various useful products. One of the products will enable you to access your database using single line of code only. Another product will enable you to make updates and publish news and new data from the central system to the enterprise mobile apps. It can also visualize the enterprise data in your system for your mobiles. You do not need to worry about the security of your enterprise data. That’s because this platform offers you with advanced protection for your data. Get it now and bring your organization to the next level of digital economy.

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