How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously?

Simultaneous management of multiple sites with different premium WooCommerce themes is still a quite problematic task. In addition to the periodic renewal of each site to the latest version of WordPress, you’ll need to regularly update all plugins and themes. Do not forget about things such as the moderation of comments, for example. Usually they also take a lot of time and effort, because constantly have to switch between sites.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously 1

Fortunately, there are a number of tools available to help you effectively manage multiple WordPress sites simultaneously. In this article, we would like to do a review of the seven best management solutions for WooCommerce themes available online.

The plugins for managing few WooCommerce websites at once:

1. ManageWP

ManageWP service is owned by the developer Vladimir Prelovac WordPress plugin and is best known tools for WordPress online management. The main interface is intuitive: a list of all the sites located on the left side, there is the ability to quickly update plugins and themes, delete posts and spam comments.

Free ManageWP plans for WooCommerce themes allow you to manage 5 websites providing statistics functions and scanning. Premium plans start at only $0.80 per site per month and includes many additional features, such as backup and restore functionality.

2. WP Remote

WP Remote allows you to monitor an unlimited number of WordPress sites for free. Through the console WP Remote you can update all plugins and themes, as well as download snapshot (backup) of your site.

Premium WP Remote plans can be purchased for around $5 per website per month. There are additional features available such as automatic backups of their servers (S3 or Dropbox), daily e-mail notifications and complete report of all activities on your websites.

3. CMS Commander

CMS Commander has one of the most practical interfaces for managing multiple sites on WooCommerce themes. In its admin panel you can see a list of all your sites, review of statistics and information on which tools need to be updated. All updates can be done with a single click thanks to button Update All.

At CMS Commander has many unique features such as the ability to integrate a partner network with your site and the cloning sites. You can also edit several posts here and at the same time to copy the whole article from one site to another. automatic backup feature is also available.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously 4

Prices start at $ 4.90 per month (up to five sites with premium WooCommerce themes). The free version is available for demo-viewing.

4. iControlWP

In iControlWP arsenal has many good features: automatic update, mass action for all sites, scanning for malware and automatic backup. In the console, you can always manually update the necessary elements and moderate comments.

A premium IControlWP plan starts with $ 0.60 for the website. The cheapest plan will cost you $ 3 a month for five sites. Then you’ll only pay for the number of sites with whom you really are running: $ 3.60 for six websites with WooCommerce themes, $ 4.20 for the seven, etc.

Compared to other similar services that use fixed price plans, it should be less expensive for the majority of WordPress users. Also, developers are offering 30-day free trial, so you can get acquainted with the service, absolutely nothing to lose.

5. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP is a free application for WooCommerce themes that can be installed on the server to manage all of your WordPress site. With it, you create a master login that has access to all sites. There is a function updates in one click, as well as the ability to install at the same time all your favorite plug-ins on the site. InfiniteWP can also be used for backup and recovery sites.

Despite the fact that you can download for free InfiniteWP, in the basic version do not have so many features that have similar services (management of users, uptime monitoring, cloning sites, scheduled backup). All of these features can be purchased for a fee.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously 2

Unfortunately, it is costing you a pretty penny. For example, the expansion pack to manage posts and pages will cost you $ 69, and the expansion of the management commentary – at $ 49. All add-ons can be purchased a package for $ 586 that can hardly be called a good deal.

Of course, these prices are so many of you just scare, but this option may be beneficial if you manage a large number of sites. InfiniteWP does not charge a monthly fee, and the app can be used on an unlimited number of sites. Calculate all possible and this option will be most advantageous to you. Remember that InfiniteWP free to download, so before you buy, you can always test your application.

6. WP Pipeline

WP Pipeline is a WordPress plugin used to manage multiple sites. It offers interesting features for WooCommerce templates based sites, for example, has the ability to group resources, manage users, create backups, easily update tools, etc.

To acquire the basic version you will have to make a one-time payment of $ 27 (up to 5 sites). The standard version allows you to monitor up to 100 sites and will cost you $ 67. Unfortunately, the appearance WP Pipeline is poor. Also there is no free version for testing before purchasing the plugin.

7. MainWP

MainWP is another WordPress plugin management, which offers a variety of fast refresh, scheduled backup and cloning sites. You can add additional functionality by purchasing the appropriate extensions.

With MainWP you can manage 5 free sites. Unlike other tools in the free version MainWP no functional limitations. Then there are all of the same features as the paid version.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously 3

The standard version (up to 25 sites) will cost you $ 24, the next version (up to 100 sites) will cost $49. Version control for an unlimited number of sites worth $79.

Managing a large number of websites with WooCommerce themes individually stands for a thankless task. This is time-consuming and impractical. A good tool to help you optimize the management of its administrative responsibilities, and potentially save hours of work.

Almost all solutions we mentioned prior offer a free version for testing. 8Theme team strongly recommends that you test all of them before making a final decision. Be sure to pay attention to the functionality of each service and its user interface. If you have any questions left about how to maange few WordPress sites at once or any other issues about WooCommerce templates and WordPress themes made by our team, we would like to hear them from you. Ask them online via our forum or use the contacts to talk with specialists from the Customer Support Service.

Five Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed

While the days of dial-up Internet are long gone, there is little doubt that Internet users throughout the world are still impatient about their Internet speed. Slow Internet speeds are considered a major problem by many Internet users, who are looking for maximum efficiency when it comes to their online habits. Fortunately, there are ways you can increase your Internet speed, no matter what speed it is currently operating at.

Test Your Internet Speed

The first step to improving your Internet speed is to measure what it currently is. There are several resources available for doing this, including this handy broadband ping test tool.

Once the test is completed, you should have a better idea of the things that can be done to improve your speed. Without a test, however, you will have a hard time seeing what type of differences each tactic will make.

Make Sure Your Network Is Secure

One of the biggest mistakes that Internet users make is that they do not secure their broadband network with a password. While you may feel like you are doing your neighbours a favour by allowing them to feed off your Internet, this will undoubtedly cut into the available bandwidth and therefore produce slow Internet speeds for everyone.

Make Sure the Browser You Use Is Updated

Another mistake that users make is that they avoid updating their browsers. Browsers receive many different updates throughout the year, with each of them having their own unique impact on everything from user experience to Internet speed.

Ensuring that your browser is updated will help you make sure that it is always operating at maximum performance. In addition, switching to a different browser can also be effective if the one you are currently using is not optimal for the type of operating system your computer runs on.

Make Sure Your Router Is Positioned Properly

One of the easiest fixes for improving your Internet speed is to reposition your router. In general, your router should be placed at a high point and away from any type of appliance that may emit wireless signals.

You will also want to ensure that it is not blocked by obstructions, and that you avoid putting it in small rooms where there are many barriers. All these things will help you avoid potential issues with interference.

Change Providers

In some cases, the best option for improving Internet speed is to change your service provider. Doing so allows you to shop around and compare broadband speeds from several different providers. The optimal broadband speed is generally somewhere around 1000Mb, but even a small change can lead to noticeable changes in the speeds you receive.

When shopping for a provider, be sure that you perform your due diligence to ensure that you are using one that is known for being reliable. Since most providers require you to sign a contract, the last thing you want to do is get caught in a bad deal with a provider that offers little to no improvement.

The world-class features of the latest beat making software satisfy all users

Many individuals fall in love with music especially the most unique genres of music these days. Users of the best beat making software are eager to compose distinctive music albums on the go. They are happy to use the hottest features of this reliable software and succeed in their overall efforts in the music album creation. If you are a beginner to this category of software, then you may get confused with a wide range of options at this time. You have to focus on unbiased reviews of these software packages and make an informed decision about how to invest in the first-class software.

Compose an extraordinary music album

Teenagers and adults are willing to compose the most special music album and present it to their beloved people. They do not like to waste their time by engaging in traditional methods to compose music. They seek something advanced and stress-free way to produce music. They can keep focusing on a list of the most suggested beat production software. They will get the most expected support to identify a list of options and compare them based on various factors such as user-friendliness.

The premium yet an affordable beat making software product does not fail to satisfy its users on a regular basis. People who understand this truth nowadays focus on various beat music production software developed by qualified teams online. They can buy and use the most outstanding software for producing an interesting music album without difficulty. They take advantage of the user-friendly nature of the software and get the utmost support to make beat music on their own successfully.

Choose the right software on time

Many advertisements about renowned beat making software packages online may encourage you to choose the most impressive software. Keep in mind that you have to choose the best beat making software based on various important things like

  • Cost
  • User-friendliness
  • Special features
  • Compatibility with different musical techniques and instruments
  • Advanced features to simplify the music production
  • Workflow optimization

Well experienced musicians appraise the beat making software easily and immediately. On the other hand, beginners to music composition nowadays think about how they can narrow down choices regarding the beat making software. They can consider the above mentioned factors and seek advice from well experienced music composers. They will get the most expected support to choose and buy the first-class beat making software online as planned.

Teeny Office Travel CRM Announces Unlimited Phone Support With Every License

Teeny Office Travel Agency CRM-Customer Relationship Management software designed by travel agents for travel agents.

San Francisco, California

Teeny Office Announces Unlimited Phone Support with every license. Teeny Office surpasses its competitors who charge $40 per call for phone support. Free phone support establishes Teeny Office as the number one pick and go to for travel agents in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and China. Teeny Office redefines the way Travel Agencies work in a constantly evolving and competitive market.

Beautiful invoicing, Streamlined work flow. The simple point and click process makes managing your database, invoicing, promotions and quotes easier, quicker and unlike any other Travel CRM.

Teeny Office has launched their Host Agency platform with customizable commission tracking. Allowing Agency Administrators to track agent commission and payments with ease.

CRM Modern solutions for Travel Agencies

In a recent interview with National Head of Sales Gina Rodriguez, when asked “What makes Teeny Office better than competitors” she replied , “It all comes down to service and product. I probably spend 20 hours a week just chatting with Travel Agency owners about their needs. We are only concerned with their success and providing them with the best software possible at a competitive rate.”

Teeny Office Host agency platform is available for a yearly License of $340 for up to 10 agents.

Teeny Office had also introduced Vacation Quick Quote system that comes as an integral part of Teeny Office. The system makes it extremely easy to build and send out quotes to potential or existing clients. The Quick Quote System has been built with speed and functionality in mind. Teeny Office Also offers a complete calendar for daily reminders, birthdays and payment management.

The most innovative modules that Teeny Office offers is the marketing and email platform. The Email platform allows agents to create email templates.

This Cloudbased software is on the fast track to revolutionizing the way travel agents work.

The pricing for Teeny Office Travel Agent CRM is very competitive and the CRM system can be licensed for up to 10 agents for the nominal figure of just $340 per year.

With Agencies in China, UK, Canada, US, Australia and Vietnam, Teeny Office caters to many countries, many currencies and appropriate country formatting, Teeny Office is ideal for travel agencies of all sizes. Teeny Office 8335 Winnetka Winnetka CA 91306 Contact Gina Rodriguez Contact 800-536-1743

Take the advantage of Georgia’s food benefits today

Take the advantage of Georgia’s food benefits today

Georgia’s Compass food stamps also referred to as Nutrition Assistance program is an a program that is funded by the federal government that has objectives of providing monthly benefits to households whose members have low- income ranges so that to assist them in paying for the cost of food. The household may comprise of one person living single, a family or several individuals who may not even be elated in any way whatsoever but purchases and prepare meals together.

There are no any restrictions on this program as everyone is eligible to getting this service since the program is meant to benefit the individuals who have low income.

Application process

The application process to getting the Georgia’s compass food stamps is quite straightforward provided that the following requirements are fulfilled.

  • The applicant must be the citizen of United States of America
  • All required documents are supposed to be availed to prove the household situation.
  • All the family members have an obligation to comply with the work requirements
  • Documents showing the rent payment, utility bills, medical, child care are sometimes considered for eligibility purposes.

Step- by- step procedure

  • Using your computer, open the web browser of preference then enter the website and download the application form that is found at this URL,. You can also apply by visiting the DFCS offices or reaching out to the customers’ contact center through the mobile phone number 877- 423-476 and request for the application form to be mailed to you at your convenience.
  • Submit the application form to the local department of family and children services or through the mail.
  • The phone interview is carried out by a member of the application team where one member of the household is subjected to a meeting so as to ascertain that the information provided is the correct information.
  • The application method can also be completed online through the URL MyCompass, and this requires one to create an online account which can also be used to check the status of the application. This platform also helps the members of the household to change the situation of the house and renewal of the benefits.

The process of application for the Snap benefits is quite easy because it takes about one month from the day that the application was filed. However, the amount to be received by the household solely depends on upon the number of the members of the family. The amount also depends on the household income as well as the amount of deductions that is used in the budgeting process. Nevertheless, the members of the family have the right to appeal the decision made on the amount that was received was unfair. This can be achieved through requesting a fair hearing through writing or doing a direct phone call, and this should be addressed before the elapse of 10 days of receiving the notice of the eligibility status.

So how is the food stamp benefits issued?

The benefits are generally made available to the recipients through the electric benefits transfer card together with the personal identification form