Unite the Office with Matching Surface Pro Decals

Straight out of the box, the latest Surface Pro 4 is a sleek, shiny, and impressive little gadget. When you take it out of the box, however, it’s another story. All it takes for it to become a smudge-covered rectangle is a few touches from your fingerprints. Give it a few months, and the grease of your fingerprints won’t be the only thing you have to worry about. Daily wear and tear will show up as scratches or other cosmetic damages across the backing, bezels, or buttons.

Unite the Office with Matching Surface Pro Decals

It’s one thing to sport these damages on your personal device, but when it’s a company gadget it can spell disaster for the brand. When you need to protect your Pro from scuffs, scrapes, and other scratches, consider customizable vinyl skins. When you personalize your Surface Pro with cool skins, you get a chance to save it from the sharp items and rough handling that would otherwise damage an uncovered tablet. Made from a durable 3M vinyl, these skins create a protective barrier between the chassis and the rest of the world, effectively putting a stop to the world around you from taking a bite out of your tablet.

The vinyl is also waterproof and grime-resistant, which makes it safe against any spilled drinks and dirty hands it meets along the way. Water, coffee, or any other beverages are easy to clean up as the liquid beads against its surface. Meanwhile, fingerprint smudges will be a thing of the past, as the natural oils on your hands won’t show up on the vinyl. And as an added bonus, this special material comes texturized to improve the grip of your tablet, making it far easier to keep it in your hands and away from the ground.

Protection may be your primary concern when searching out a skin, but it’s not the only benefit of outfitting your Surface Pro with one of its own. As mentioned above, Surface Pro skins come in a variety of cool styles, including sophisticated textures like wood, stone, metal, and leather and true colors like magenta, yellow, blue, and green. With the option to combine these until you’ve created a skin that’s uniquely yours, you can personalize your tablet in addition to caring for it.

Before you set aside the perfect color and texture combination for your tablet, be sure your skin comes with the guarantee of a precision fit. It’s all well and good if a vinyl covering protects your tablet, but if an ill-fitting skin makes it impossible to use, it’s as good as useless. Only with a made-to-measure skin can you ensure your protection accommodates the lightweight portability of the Pro. But once you can confirm fit, go wild with your style. Surface Pro 4 skins are the best way to keep your tablet in ‘straight-from-the-box’ condition.