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Managed network services is fast becoming a trend among businesses of all sizes. Managed services allows a business to outsource IT operations to a third party otherwise known as Managed Service providers. These service providers take up the responsibility of monitoring, managing and providing top notch IT solutions for your business 24 hours a day. With the help of an efficient managed services software, Amoeba Network offers quality managed network services New York and its environs focusing on truly managed service.

Just like big companies, small businesses also need the latest technology to operate efficiently and stay a step ahead of competitors. However, due to the increase on the reliance of IT, there may be limited resources to support this increasingly complex environment. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with things such as data management, email archiving, backups and security, then it’s more likely that you may encounter difficulties with your IT system which will negatively impact your business. Let say if you have problems with financial application or email server, there is a greater possibility that you will likely experience productivity loss.

Reasons why IT companies promote managed services

One of the reasons why IT firms promotes managed services the world all over is because they stay on the same page as the client they are serving. There are many benefits of managed services for clients. One of the biggest benefits is detecting and providing long lasting solutions to IT problems before they reduce productively level and negatively impact the day to day running of your business.

A service computer network that is well maintained and monitored regularly always run better thus improving efficiency. With a proactive managed network service in New York provided by Amoeba Network, you will notice a big difference in operations including increasing revenue and preventing fire.

For the fact that Managed service providers helps in managing every of your vendor relationship, issues with data management, internet outages and several IT solutions are dealt with directly with the vendor by the company. In order to ensure comfort and security when it comes to your business dealings, managed network service provides 24 hour monitoring service at cost effective rates.

Other great benefits of managed network services include reducing cost of operation, enhancing operations, minimizes downtown, and allows you focus more on your business activities than technology.

Creatively Designed USB Wall Charger for Apple Devices

Creatively Designed USB Wall Charger for Apple Devices

Are you a user of Apple devices? Then you will love to have a charger that has been creatively designed for iPhones, iPads, and iPods in kinds of series. It is the IDMIX Creative Potted Plant USB Wall Charger CE RoHS FCC Certificated 8.0A 6-Port; a wall charger that has been designed with creative ideas and smart designing. This creative potted plant usb wall charger is designed with 6 USB ports and a specially designed small planter pot where you can grow some small plants on it. This double functions are perfect for modern people who need to charge their devices and enjoy more features of the green plants on the small pot.

This unique IDMIX usb wall charger is also a high quality charger to have by the users of Apple devices. It is not only unique, but also has had the certifications of CE, RoHS, and also FCC; the main certifications that should be had by high quality products in all over the world. With such complete certifications, you can be sure about the quality of the design, the functions, as well as the durability of the product. As written above, you can charge your Apple devices on the usb charger; not only one device, but also up to six devices on the 6 ports of the usb charger in speedy charging time.

Every box of the IDMIX usb wall charger comes with charger adapter, power cable, user manual, as well as the potting soil and plant seeds. The complete features of the charger will enable you to directly charge your devices as growing the plants on the pot. It only needs some days to grow the plants and small amount of water filling to rehydrate the plant. So, just choose this wall charger with usb ports if you want to have new wall chargers with more fun function.

New Virtual Reality Glasses Any Gamer Should Have

 New Virtual Reality Glasses Any Gamer Should Have

Gamer who look for a reliable tools to improve their experience while playing a 3D game, they should try a new virtual reality glasses with screen protector and Bluetooth controller. Those who are familiar with a VR BOX, then you must understand the fun factor that you’ve got when using the virtual reality glasses while gaming. The virtual world seems real, and you will just love it. Guess what? 3d glass for the VR BOX is not merely for gamer who loves to play a 3D game, but for movie lovers, using this updated VR BOX, you will love the way this virtual reality glasses caters you with a brand new experience.

Glass virtual reality is not alone. It is completed with screen protector and also Bluetooth controller that just enough to make everything perfect either you utilize it for watching movies or gaming. The glass is constructed with the combination of ABS plus PC. When it comes to the lens, the diameter is 42mm that is made of a spherical optical resin. This kind of lenses will hinder any viable distortion that may occur. In addition, those who are suffered with myopia, this virtual reality glasses is what you need. The enhanced version virtual reality glasses are equipped with cushioning material from memory cotton and PU.

Whilst for the headband material, it is made nylon elastic with high density. Using the virtual reality glass, you need to know beforehand the support system that is compatible with the device, therefore you can obtain all of its benefits. You chose whether you want to use android or iOS as your support system. Still, there is another requirement to keep in mind, the dimension of your chosen device should be around 4.7” to 6.0” or the device can’t immerse properly with that 3D virtual reality glasses that you buy.

ROCKVoice – A Nimble New Platform For VoIP Services and Client Control


A Nimble New Platform For VoIP Services and Client ControlRGTS’s client companies and their employees now have at their disposal a whole new standard of performance and direct control for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), data, and multi-media services.

This new standard arrives with RGTS’s April 2010 rollout of ROCKVoice, its new carrier-grade service switching platform — designed from the ground up on IP (Internet Protocol) and open XML standards (the non-proprietary Extensible Markup Language widely used on the Internet). The business VoIP phone services are elegantly integrated with personal computers, and they are exceptionally flexible, versatile, and powerful.

A Quick Sampler of What Users Can Do

  • Visit any webpage in Internet Explorer or Firefox and right-click on any phone number displayed to dial it.
  • Click on any name in your Microsoft Outlook address book to dial the number. Click on a group list to start a conference call.
  • Receive voicemail messages as e-mailed audio messages, by phone, or both.
  • Take your IP softphone home or on the road with you. Your office phone number and all your voice features can travel with you and function anywhere there is a good Internet connection.
  • While your phone rings with an incoming call, you can view the name and number of the caller on your computer screen.
  • Use Internet Explorer or Firefox to view detailed call logs and to turn on or off numerous features, such as call forwarding or simultaneous ringing on multiple phone numbers, for cell phones, office assistants, home phones, etc.
  • Use a public PC at an airport or your own laptop anywhere there’s a WiFi connection to log on and reconfigure your voice features at will.
  • Software plug-ins for Outlook, Explorer, and Firefox add a ROCKVoice toolbar to those popular applications. You can use the toolbar to dial with a single click, hang up, and configure voice features without ever having to touch your phone.

For Client Companies, More Control, More Options, Flat-Rate Pricing

ROCKVoice comes with new flat-rate pricing plans that include unlimited local and national long-distance voice service, Internet access, and dozens of sophisticated calling features.
When it comes to modifying phone features and privileges for individual users, client companies can choose to do it themselves or have RGTS do the honors at no additional charge.
A client administrator can easily assign an array of features and privileges to a user via Internet Explorer or Firefox. Thanks to service templates with pre-configured features (which administrators can modify and save at will), the process takes only minutes.

Voicemail messages can be handled to suit a company’s specific policies and preferences for security and back-up. A company’s incoming voicemail messages can be stored on RGTS’s servers until the individual users delete them. Alternatively, all incoming voicemail messages can be forwarded to a client company’s own servers, with no storage on RGTS servers.

Open XML Standards Eliminate Constraints, Reduce Costs

RGTS’s new ROCKVoice switching platform runs in parallel with the sophisticated Avaya 8710 service platform the company launched in 2005. Both switching systems have redundant servers, trunk lines, gateways, and paths to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) central offices. Both systems enjoy the same exceptionally high level of quality and reliability.

The new ROCKVoice system presently serves only a handful of RGTS’s 500+ client companies – clients who signed on as beta testers from November through March, in advance of the formal April 2010 rollout. But RGTS anticipates that over time, the new system will grow to match and then overtake the service load of the Avaya system.

RGTS’s decision to build and launch the new parallel ROCKVoice platform was a long-term strategic move to take more efficient advantage of proven IP technology and open XML standards. With this new platform, RGTS breaks free of various operating and service constraints posed by the proprietary Avaya system. Now RGTS is better positioned to adopt new innovations quickly and cost-effectively from third-party vendors throughout the technology industry.

RGTS has been using its formidable Avaya platform effectively to deliver IP voice, data, and multi-media services, and RGTS anticipates continuing that path in the years ahead. Both RGTS’s Avaya platform and its new ROCKVoice platform are hosted services that compare favorably to services provided through on-premises or client-owned PBX equipment. RGTS’s hosted solutions are considerably faster and easier to implement, and they relieve clients of the burdens of capital investment and the inevitable obsolescence of equipment and software. RGTS also frees clients from system maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrading, and management staffing.

Because RGTS’s new ROCKVoice system is native to Internet Protocol and to open XML standards, it does the job more readily and efficiently than RGTS’s Avaya platform in many instances – especially where clients have multiple office locations or where clients want to take broad advantage of VoIP capabilities.

4-Digit Dialing? No Longer a Large-Enterprise Problem

One example of a service constraint that the new ROCKVoice system eliminates: In many instances, it is now no longer a problem for a larger enterprise company to have internal 4-digit dialing across multiple locations and multiple branch exchanges (the first 3 digits of a local phone number). For example, internal 4-digit dialing is now readily available for a large company that has phone numbers 555-0001 through 555-1999 and 282-4700 through 282-5399. In this example, none of the final four digits overlap. The architecture of RGTS’s new ROCKVoice system allows the company’s service infrastructure to grow more nimbly with clients’ needs and their geographic expansions. The new system also enables RGTS to be a wholesaler to technology service providers/resellers of voice, data, and Internet access services, adding yet another level of performance for RGTS to bring to its existing clients.

“We’re very pleased to launch this new system,” said John Tarduno, president and CEO of RGTS. “We’re very confident of its many immediate benefits and of the advantages it will provide in the years ahead for our clients and for our service operations.”

An Overview of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations

An Overview of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE Regulations) are an EU Directive, detailing how old electronic and electrical equipment that is no longer required should be disposed of.

These regulations concern individuals and their personal electronic gadgets such as laptops and mobile phone and electrical equipment such as washing machines and fridges. To a greater extent they also concern corporations who make, sell, distribute or import electronic and electrical equipment in the United Kingdom.

Companies that manufacture, import or re-brand electrical and electronic equipment need to follow a number of steps to comply with the WEEE Regulations. They must join an approved WEEE recycling compliance scheme and mark all of their products with a date mark, producer marker and also with the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol to indicate that they cannot simply be thrown away with general rubbish.

These companies must also offer a service to collect (or “take-back”) and recycle or re-use WEEE items. This service must be provided free of charge when consumers return products but collection costs can be applied to transportation costs for large items such as washing machines. The availability of this service must be clearly advertised to consumers.

Products that were originally manufactured prior to 2005 must be disposed of in compliance with the WEEE directive whenever a replacement is bought by a customer, regardless of whether the old item was manufactured or even sold by the retailer supplying the new product.

Businesses that use electronic and electrical equipment are also responsible for disposal of these in accordance with the laws regarding the WEEE regulations but also regarding the Hazardous Waste Regulations as, particularly in the case of old computers and electronic devices, some of the components contain harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. If these are not disposed of correctly but just dumped in landfill sites the potentially harmful chemicals can leach into the soil and the water supplies in the surrounding areas.