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Pointers to check while choosing an online corporate branding agency

Pointers to check while choosing an online corporate branding agency

Your brand is your promise to the world. It’s that unique value that your brand provides to its customers and no business owner wants to let it down. When it comes to creating a corporate identity many companies opt for corporate branding agencies to help them in setting up a unique identity for their brands. The internet is literally full of design agencies claiming that they can help you in your corporate identity building endeavor. But wait! There are a few pointers that you need to check before finalizing a corporate branding agency for your brand identity building.

Here are those:


The first and the foremost point that you need to check is the heritage of your branding agency. By heritage we meant; how old is the company? What are the reviews about their work? What clients have they catered to? And so on and so forth. Any company with a strong and proven heritage is a good choice to go with, provided it also complies to the other factors that I am about to tell you.


One of the very important checks you are supposed to do is the portfolio of the company. Portfolio of any company suggests the kind of expertise it pertains within and the kind of projects that they have developed for their clients. By just looking at the portfolio any business owner would be able to guess that whether this company would be a good choice for his brand identity building project. Talking of branding companies there are some very famous ones in Dubai. You can get in touch with one of the famous branding agency in Dubai and check their profound portfolio to assess their expertise.


You need to clearly ask your branding agency about the number of designers in their team, more so that they even have an in-house team of designers with them. Normally, mediocre branding agencies, in order to cut cost, rely on freelancers and get their projects done from them. Although they succeed in saving cost by this strategy but this definitely compromises the quality of designs that are being made. Always opt for a design agency that has more than 2 in-house designers and who never relies on freelancers for work.


And last but definitely not the least is the affordability factor. No one wants to pay extra for a project that is being done in lesser price by some other company. In order to get the best prices, always do a thorough market research and get custom quotes for your project from more than one branding agencies.

The above mentioned pointers are only few and most important ones that business owners need to check before they finalize a corporate branding agency for their identity creation project. Abiding by all the above mentioned factors will not only save cost for you but also assures that your project lands with the best branding agency possible.

About the author:

This article is authored by Talha Manzoor, who manages the creation and publicity of online brands. Currently he is associated with Dubai Monsters, a reliable web design agency in Dubai. He has a fun and frolic personality and loves to write about latest in technology sector. he tweets @Talhamanzoor24.

The role of messaging apps in carrying out effective customer research

The role of messaging apps in carrying out effective customer research

Customer research remains the most important way of beating market competition. That said, companies are often at a loss about the best method to carry out the same. In a changing business scenario, business firms frequently feel the pressure of reducing their expenditure while at the same time having to improve their quality of services as well as the way they handle their customers.

Many firms are therefore now choosing to do away with their old methods of customer service and customer research. They are trying out new methods that accomplish the same without spending a fortune. One of such ways is by implementing an in-app messaging tool to communicate with their end users. Noted to be cost effective and highly efficient in managing large amounts of customer conversations without much sweat, these apps are certainly the most important tools of customer communication at the present moment.

It is always necessary to have the right kind of customer research models in place as this not only helps to improve the quality of the services and products but also improve overall customer experience. The messaging apps that are used in the market today come with all the necessary features that customer service representatives will need to know the needs of their end users and resolve their queries. With so many businesses completely going online these days, customers are always looking to communicate with real people behind the brand who can develop confidence in them about the products that they are using. A messaging app helps to do just that and generate greater levels of customer satisfaction thus solidifying the company’s position in the market.

These messaging apps are equipped with a range of features that facilitate two-way communication between the customers and the representatives serving them. For instance, they have messaging and chatting features along with email, SMSs and push notifications that allow people to stay connected even when one party or the other is offline. These apps allow users to keep records of all earlier conversations that can then be used later as and when needed. Moreover, the apps also make it possible to carry out group conversations which often become a necessity in corporate environments. Such features make these apps absolutely indispensable in today’s world.

Suited for being used easily over tablets, smartphones and desktop or laptop computers, these apps are ideal when a company is looking to initiate marketing automation within its system. This helps in coming up with highly effective marketing methods that appeal to a wider group of target audience. The apps also help companies when they are looking to make use of email marketing techniques to enhance their sales. Companies often require detailed understanding about the prospective customers that they are sending their emails to, so that their efforts can secure the sales. A messaging app can offer vital information about what kind of products a particular customer is looking for and make it easier on the part of the company to make the sales.