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Design strategies for an impeccable call to action

Design strategies for an impeccable call to action

Today, there are many tools and techniques available for the business owners to create the website on their own. Especially the small to mid-sized businesses do not have the capability to shell out lots of money on web design. Thankfully, there are sites like WordPress and Wix that help you create incredible websites on your own. These tools make it possible to create websites easily even if you do not have too much knowledge of the designing process. But there are a few things that you will need to learn on your own. Call to action is an extremely important element of any business website. It is something that can direct the customer to actually complete the transaction. Unfortunately, it is also quite overlooked. Here are some tips to create impeccable call to action with the design strategies.

Make sure there are instructions

If you would visit websites of ecommerce giants like eBay or Amazon, you will notice that they have some really impacting phrases along with the call to action buttons. For instance, you cannot fail to notice the action based phrases like “add to wishlist” or “add to cart.” These are the things that have a psychological impact on the minds of the visitors. These are the words that stimulate the users to take the actual action. It is important to provide the instructions to the visitors so that they can be prompted to take the necessary actions. You will also need to make sure that the instruction phrases are catchy and not very long. For example, “If you want to buy later, click here to add to wishlist”. These types of phrases are a complete no-no. Instructions should be totally clear and crisp. You can learn the best call to action strategies for website design with experts from

Keep it uncluttered

Call to action button has to be visible and we have already established this fact. But how do you achieve it during website design? You will need to make sure that your pages are uncluttered. You do not want the CTA button to get lost among other elements. Keep the site clean and tidy.

The look and feel

When the customer is on the website, he should be able to see the call to action very clearly. Therefore, the idea is to draw the attention of the visitor to the call to action and other elements on the web page. You have to make sure that the call to action is clearly visible. Therefore, it is important to have lots of empty white space around it. If you are using a button for call to action, make sure that you choose the colour which instantly draws attention and prompts the customer to click it.

Using contrast is extremely important to create the designs that are highly appealing. Juxtaposing the elements neatly on the web page will ensure better conversion. Again, call to action must be able to get customer attention instantly. Therefore, it should be in great contrast with the background of the area where it is placed.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously?

Simultaneous management of multiple sites with different premium WooCommerce themes is still a quite problematic task. In addition to the periodic renewal of each site to the latest version of WordPress, you’ll need to regularly update all plugins and themes. Do not forget about things such as the moderation of comments, for example. Usually they also take a lot of time and effort, because constantly have to switch between sites.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously 1

Fortunately, there are a number of tools available to help you effectively manage multiple WordPress sites simultaneously. In this article, we would like to do a review of the seven best management solutions for WooCommerce themes available online.

The plugins for managing few WooCommerce websites at once:

1. ManageWP

ManageWP service is owned by the developer Vladimir Prelovac WordPress plugin and is best known tools for WordPress online management. The main interface is intuitive: a list of all the sites located on the left side, there is the ability to quickly update plugins and themes, delete posts and spam comments.

Free ManageWP plans for WooCommerce themes allow you to manage 5 websites providing statistics functions and scanning. Premium plans start at only $0.80 per site per month and includes many additional features, such as backup and restore functionality.

2. WP Remote

WP Remote allows you to monitor an unlimited number of WordPress sites for free. Through the console WP Remote you can update all plugins and themes, as well as download snapshot (backup) of your site.

Premium WP Remote plans can be purchased for around $5 per website per month. There are additional features available such as automatic backups of their servers (S3 or Dropbox), daily e-mail notifications and complete report of all activities on your websites.

3. CMS Commander

CMS Commander has one of the most practical interfaces for managing multiple sites on WooCommerce themes. In its admin panel you can see a list of all your sites, review of statistics and information on which tools need to be updated. All updates can be done with a single click thanks to button Update All.

At CMS Commander has many unique features such as the ability to integrate a partner network with your site and the cloning sites. You can also edit several posts here and at the same time to copy the whole article from one site to another. automatic backup feature is also available.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously 4

Prices start at $ 4.90 per month (up to five sites with premium WooCommerce themes). The free version is available for demo-viewing.

4. iControlWP

In iControlWP arsenal has many good features: automatic update, mass action for all sites, scanning for malware and automatic backup. In the console, you can always manually update the necessary elements and moderate comments.

A premium IControlWP plan starts with $ 0.60 for the website. The cheapest plan will cost you $ 3 a month for five sites. Then you’ll only pay for the number of sites with whom you really are running: $ 3.60 for six websites with WooCommerce themes, $ 4.20 for the seven, etc.

Compared to other similar services that use fixed price plans, it should be less expensive for the majority of WordPress users. Also, developers are offering 30-day free trial, so you can get acquainted with the service, absolutely nothing to lose.

5. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP is a free application for WooCommerce themes that can be installed on the server to manage all of your WordPress site. With it, you create a master login that has access to all sites. There is a function updates in one click, as well as the ability to install at the same time all your favorite plug-ins on the site. InfiniteWP can also be used for backup and recovery sites.

Despite the fact that you can download for free InfiniteWP, in the basic version do not have so many features that have similar services (management of users, uptime monitoring, cloning sites, scheduled backup). All of these features can be purchased for a fee.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously 2

Unfortunately, it is costing you a pretty penny. For example, the expansion pack to manage posts and pages will cost you $ 69, and the expansion of the management commentary – at $ 49. All add-ons can be purchased a package for $ 586 that can hardly be called a good deal.

Of course, these prices are so many of you just scare, but this option may be beneficial if you manage a large number of sites. InfiniteWP does not charge a monthly fee, and the app can be used on an unlimited number of sites. Calculate all possible and this option will be most advantageous to you. Remember that InfiniteWP free to download, so before you buy, you can always test your application.

6. WP Pipeline

WP Pipeline is a WordPress plugin used to manage multiple sites. It offers interesting features for WooCommerce templates based sites, for example, has the ability to group resources, manage users, create backups, easily update tools, etc.

To acquire the basic version you will have to make a one-time payment of $ 27 (up to 5 sites). The standard version allows you to monitor up to 100 sites and will cost you $ 67. Unfortunately, the appearance WP Pipeline is poor. Also there is no free version for testing before purchasing the plugin.

7. MainWP

MainWP is another WordPress plugin management, which offers a variety of fast refresh, scheduled backup and cloning sites. You can add additional functionality by purchasing the appropriate extensions.

With MainWP you can manage 5 free sites. Unlike other tools in the free version MainWP no functional limitations. Then there are all of the same features as the paid version.

How to Manage Few WordPress Sites Simultaneously 3

The standard version (up to 25 sites) will cost you $ 24, the next version (up to 100 sites) will cost $49. Version control for an unlimited number of sites worth $79.

Managing a large number of websites with WooCommerce themes individually stands for a thankless task. This is time-consuming and impractical. A good tool to help you optimize the management of its administrative responsibilities, and potentially save hours of work.

Almost all solutions we mentioned prior offer a free version for testing. 8Theme team strongly recommends that you test all of them before making a final decision. Be sure to pay attention to the functionality of each service and its user interface. If you have any questions left about how to maange few WordPress sites at once or any other issues about WooCommerce templates and WordPress themes made by our team, we would like to hear them from you. Ask them online via our forum or use the contacts to talk with specialists from the Customer Support Service.

Web Designer Tip: Importance of Website Maintenance

design-pencils-351x2531) Bounce rate: A high bounce rate is an indicator that the site is newly created more effective in engaging visitors. Website should include additional information that will help attract more visitors.

2) Landing page: Monitoring landing page is also a key to understanding visitor behavior such as, if the person does not continue across the page, then they know what they are looking for.

3) Overview of contents: An update on this will guide you about what visitors are looking for. Specify the popular content on the web site and increase page will increase traffic. When designing a website, it is difficult to determine what topics will interest visitors and what topics habit. However, once the site is active, monitoring will help with the emphasis on content pages preferred.

4) High-traffic days: all day not draw the same amount of traffic and there are some days when many people can Visit some sites while others when traffic may be low. Track traffic to your site which is the highest and to publish announcements and special offers during the year days.

5) Time spent on site: Calculate the average time visitors spent on site to assess the quality of the site. If a regular visitor for a very short time then present content on this site is not what he / she is looking for. Visitors must stay for at least 4 minutes on the site, showing interest in the site. Identify why visitors do not stay long, it may be due to poor content or sites that are difficult to navigate.

6) Total page views: Some guests simply visit the landing page while others visit other pages on the site. The deeper they are investigating the site, the better. It also means that when visitors visit more pages, they find the site useful and read more information. When visitors do not go beyond the landing page, the content available on the landing page must checked.

7) Effectiveness of site: The purpose of this site is to convert visitors into customers, If it is to buy a product or just for signing up for a newsletter. The conversion rate varies from service to service.

Nuances of designing a website to understand a good graphic design company that works to create an effective website by following three essential steps:

a. Provide excellent design for web pages are colorful, attractive and easy navigate

b. Provide clear information about the services or products offer.

c. Providing access to leading download or sign up.

all these services can be accepted by either a designer or a freelance graphic graphic design company that is serious about driving traffic to website.