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Quick Look at the IPAS – Internet Prospecting Acceleration System


Here Business Success System. I call it your personal escape plan. IPAS I use for my internet marketing business and my business real estate. I was successful with it because I follow all the training, marketing, and leadership provides.

Imagine system is a system that provides everything you need to be successful. Imagine a system that gives you a marketing strategy that fits your personality. A system that increases the strength and talent. IPAS is what all of them about.

The reason you are in business is to create a better lifestyle for you and your family. More money can improve your lifestyle. Masterminded can improve your relationship. Training and education to make sure that you know what is transferred to business.

iPAS = Internet Prospecting Acceleration Systems

The # 2 reason people fail in their own business because they never give you a real chance, to stop too quickly!

A complete business system, includes all the necessary elements of a successful business.

The system used to market the Empower Network product suite.

You need to be successful, including products for sale, website, presentation materials, marketing and business support, and strategy.

One way for anyone to own their own business with minimal risk and maximum profitability. IPAS cater for all ages, nationalities, and levels of experience.

Basis for you to be able to start a new business, managing your business, and grow your business at your own pace.

Worth a fraction of what it costs to start a traditional business. IPAS gives you the freedom to work where and when you want.

Designed for entrepreneurs who know what it takes to start a business from scratch to house them.

IPAS system uses a lot of the training team, who are responsible for the creation of 40 of the 100 affiliates Empower Network.


Not Get Rich Quick Scheme Claims Overnight Success

Instead of the traditional MLM where you have to recruit family and friends to make money.

Not a pyramid scheme, Ponzi Scheme or other illegal scams.

IPAS is no guarantee of success, but to create a vehicle to build a business using proven methods, systems and techniques.

Internet does not require any experience or background in online business. Having some knowledge of the internet or computer ownership, however, will allow for faster success. IPAS does not require special education or work experience.

IPAS is not for people under 18 years old.

IPAS is not responsible for the lack of effort by the business owner. IPAS only act as a system to help you build a successful business with Empower Network,

Not completely 100% automated. While most systems can be automated, some work is needed to see success in the IPAS and Empower Network.

IPAS is not for everyone! All prospective members are required IPAS to communicate with a personal assistant business. We want to make sure that it is the best fit for you, and that you are a good fir for us, to help ensure the best results.