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Web Designer Tip: Importance of Website Maintenance

design-pencils-351x2531) Bounce rate: A high bounce rate is an indicator that the site is newly created more effective in engaging visitors. Website should include additional information that will help attract more visitors.

2) Landing page: Monitoring landing page is also a key to understanding visitor behavior such as, if the person does not continue across the page, then they know what they are looking for.

3) Overview of contents: An update on this will guide you about what visitors are looking for. Specify the popular content on the web site and increase page will increase traffic. When designing a website, it is difficult to determine what topics will interest visitors and what topics habit. However, once the site is active, monitoring will help with the emphasis on content pages preferred.

4) High-traffic days: all day not draw the same amount of traffic and there are some days when many people can Visit some sites while others when traffic may be low. Track traffic to your site which is the highest and to publish announcements and special offers during the year days.

5) Time spent on site: Calculate the average time visitors spent on site to assess the quality of the site. If a regular visitor for a very short time then present content on this site is not what he / she is looking for. Visitors must stay for at least 4 minutes on the site, showing interest in the site. Identify why visitors do not stay long, it may be due to poor content or sites that are difficult to navigate.

6) Total page views: Some guests simply visit the landing page while others visit other pages on the site. The deeper they are investigating the site, the better. It also means that when visitors visit more pages, they find the site useful and read more information. When visitors do not go beyond the landing page, the content available on the landing page must checked.

7) Effectiveness of site: The purpose of this site is to convert visitors into customers, If it is to buy a product or just for signing up for a newsletter. The conversion rate varies from service to service.

Nuances of designing a website to understand a good graphic design company that works to create an effective website by following three essential steps:

a. Provide excellent design for web pages are colorful, attractive and easy navigate

b. Provide clear information about the services or products offer.

c. Providing access to leading download or sign up.

all these services can be accepted by either a designer or a freelance graphic graphic design company that is serious about driving traffic to website.